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Это пиздец. Учитесь сосунки как надо пилить бюджет!

Originally posted by dphq at как осваивать войну и нести демократию на Марс
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Бюджет НАСА на 2011 год: $19 млрд
Военный бюджет Израиля на 2011 год: $13 млрд
ВВП Афганистана в 2010 году: $17 млрд
Расходы на кондиционирование воздуха для американских войск в Афганистане и Ираке в 2010 году: $20 млрд

в комментах на слешдоте есть интересные личности, бывшие вояки и прочие неравнодушные:
So of the $107 billion we will spend in Afghanistan, $20.2 billion of it is for air conditioning? Seriously, almost 20% of our war cost?

The calculation takes into consideration all sorts of services that are not solely used for air conditioning. Escort, command and control, medevac support...all are resources that support multiple purposes and not just creature comforts for soldiers. In other words, we do not spend $20 billion on air conditioning. Instead, the cost of every resource that has any tangential effect on air conditioning has a combined cost of $20 billion.

This is the major reason why the military has been investing heavily in green tech. A gallon of diesel fuel at the front lines in Afghanistan costs the military something like $400 because it first needs to be shipped in-country, then trucked through hostile territory on roads, and sometimes lashed to a mule and packed in. Plus, supply convoys are ripe targets - casualties due to roadside bombs these days are comparable, if not higher, than actual combat.
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