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Жэсть какая

Incoming University of Santa Barbara students will soon get to inhabit a 97-year-old billionaire’s twisted mindspace: a 1.68-million-square-foot windowless death trap which UCSB is describing as a “dorm,” designed by Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman and evidently-rising-architect Charlie Munger.
The Santa Barbara Independent reports that architect Dennis McFadden has resigned from the school’s Design Review Committee in protest over the planned Munger Hall, calling the 11-story mixed-use cellblock of academic halls and inward-facing compartments “a social and psychological experiment” with unknown impacts on thousands of subjects in the coming years. It will warehouse up to 4,500 students, 94 percent of whom will sleep in pods equipped with what appears to be artificial sunlight panels and bunks wedged into the wall, spending their formative years winding through eight-bedroom containers. Like rats. McFadden said the building only has two entrances (!) and it’s unclear how accessible any emergency exits are or how robust the ventilation system is.
When you need to go up for oxygen and sunlight, UCSB points out in a press release that a walled-in rooftop “courtyard” offers amenities such as “natural ventilation” (air) and “an open view of the sky” (freedom, an illusion).
UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang has called it “an unprecedented residential experience.” Prison is similar, except here you pay rent. It does have retail space. And academic halls. And food.
They’ll never need to leave.

Когда у тебя миллиарды, тебе 97 лет и тебе нечем заняться, тебе приходят в голову просто охренительные идеи. Одна из идей - построить студентам общежитие: без окон, без дверей (всего два выхода), с кроватями в виде щелей в стене, комнытами в виде контейнеров и внутренним крытым двориком для прогулок. Готовит к существованию в дистопии, не иначе
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