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В тюрьму попадать нигде не айс

A Bronx man who had been held at Rikers Island since July died Friday shortly after a judge granted him emergency release, his attorney said.
The death of Victor Mercado was the 13th in the beleaguered city jail system this year.
Mercado, 64, of Mott Haven, died at Elmhurst Hospital after spending the majority of the time since his arrest on gun charges in the Rikers infirmary, his attorney, James A. Kilduff, told the Post. It is believed he died from COVID-19, after contracting the deadly bug at Rikers.

На Райкерсе (это типа Матросской Тишины - главная тюрьма мегаполиса) уже 13 смерть за 9 месяцев. В основном умирают от нехватки врачебной помощи, заражения Ковидом, убийствами одних зеков другими и подозрительных суицидов.

Ну и пытки - куда ж без этого:
Inside New Jersey’s Bayside State Prison, corrections officer John Makos allegedly tortured incarcerated kitchen workers. In one incident, he approximated a “crucifixion” by handcuffing his victim’s outstretched arms to fences and doors, then beat him, according to a criminal complaint issued by the Department of Justice last month.
Makos’s victims feared that if they spoke out, they might lose their job in the prison’s kitchen, which gave them access to more and better quality food, according to the DOJ complaint and an investigation by NJ Advance Media.
During the course of at least nine months in 2019, the complaint says:
Makos ordered a victim to pull down his pants, then repeatedly spanked the man with a ruler with such force that the ruler broke. He later forced the victim to show his bruised buttocks to other incarcerated people.
Makos told a victim that if he wanted to keep his job in the kitchen, he’d have to ride “the motorcycle.” He ordered the victim to put his back against the wall and sit, as if on a motorcycle. Makos then kicked him in the chest.
To avoid a beating, another victim ate hot peppers that Makos brought to the prison.
Makos’s alleged actions aren’t an isolated incident of depravity. Corrections officers across the country regularly make headlines for egregious acts of cruelty like killing a mentally ill man by locking him in a scalding hot shower or putting a woman in an outdoor cage on a 107-degree day for four hours, killing her. What Makos is accused of doing is a symptom of an entrenched pattern of abuse inside the country’s prisons—abuse that disproportionately impacts people of color and haunts generations of survivors.

Тут много интересного но суть такова: в полиции США существует все тоже самое, что в полиции России (и милиции СССР), потому что базовая сущность людей, увы и ах, одинаковая. Я не против полиции, я скорее за, но нужно же систему от ублюдков вычищать!
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