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Это жесть какая-то

Вот счет за работу дантиста. То что обведено - счет за то, что клиентка заплакала во время процедуры. И на это есть даже скидка для страховой компании. Думаете это фотошоп? Нихрена. На самом деле это часть системы, котоая взымает плату за всякие ментальные проблемы и их оценку.. Вот, почитатйте:

While it sounded like she was being charged for expressing brief emotions, it actually points to a brief emotional/behavior assessment for things like depression, ADHD, or substance abuse. According to connected mind, "It was created as part of the ACA’s federal mandate to include mental health services as part of the essential benefits package now required in all insurance plans Patients can be screened and billing submitted for the following visits: post-hospitalization, new diagnosis or complex medical issue, patients with pain, patients with substance abuse, and patients diagnosed with or being treated for mental illness." Any qualified health care professional can charge for CPT 96127 with costs varying as per the insurance company.

Many questioned why emotional/behavioral assessment is required for mole removal but then again if you start questioning the American healthcare system charges, there's no end.

Как говорит один мой читатель: только дустом. Эта медицинская система нереформируема в принципе.
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