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Все именно так и есть

The victim’s brother, Mark Samuel, did some investigating of his own after the authorities initially dismissed his brother’s death as a possible drug overdose.
Mark asked around and discovered that his brother and Bailey fought over money. He called police precincts with the information he gathered.
“The ambulance just wrote it off as a regular drugged person on a roof,” Mark said. “If I didn’t do all the footwork and everything it probably would have been left at that.”

Если видят черного без очевидных ран от ножей, пуль или сломанной шеи, то списывают на передоз и даже не разбираются. Это реальность. А потом убийца, видя, что убийство сходит ему с рук, может поступить вот так:

Detectives slapped the cuffs Monday on a homeless man with a lengthy criminal history who allegedly strangled and attempted to rape a woman on board a C train in Washington Heights this summer.
Sinke Zewge, 39, is accused of attacking the 40-year-old female victim while riding a northbound train approaching the 168th Street station at about 9:45 p.m. on the night of Aug. 3.
Sources familiar with the case stated that Zewge had been previously arrested 14 times, with the most recent arrest coming back in 2018 for forcible touching in Manhattan’s 25th Precinct. Other charges he’s faced in recent years range from possession of a forged instrument to robbery and second-degree assault.

Или так:

It was 10 on Sunday morning and Xing Zhou, 59, was on her way to church when police say a man violently hit her on the head, causing her to lose her balance and fall on the tracks at the Union Square subway station.
Thankfully, two bystanders helped her to safety and waited with her until help arrived.
Eyewitness News interviewed Zhou with the help of a sign language interpreter.
"When he hit my head, my glasses fell off," said Zhou.
Police quickly arrested Vladimir Pierre, 41. He is accused of sucker punching another woman at another subway station just four days ago. Pierre, who is described as homeless, was given a desk appearance ticket and let free to roam the subways again.

А общественным транспортом пользуются все.

Проблему с бездомными нужно решать, иначе они начнут решать вас.
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