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Вот ведь не повезло

A pedestrian was struck and killed in Milwaukee when driver lost control of his car after being shot in the chest, according to police.
It happened while 35-year-old Jamaul Jones was trying to help his brother push his car out of the way after it broke down in traffic Saturday night.
Witnesses say he was in or next to the median, when a silver car crossed into the wrong lane and struck him, hurling his body nearly 200 feet and killing him instantly. The car then came to a stop after slamming into a landscaping truck.
Surveillance video from nearby shows Jones landing on the ground and bystanders going to see if they could help, but there was nothing they could do.
Several witnesses say other people went to the reckless driver and pulled him from the car. They started to viciously assault him before realizing that he’d already been shot.
Police say it turns out the man had been shot in the chest and was in the process of fleeing from that scene when he crashed into Jones.
The 27-year-old driver is still in critical condition.

В Милуоки мужик помогал своему приятелю с заглохшей машиной, когда в него на огромной скорости влетел седан. Его убило на месте, а тело пролетело 70 метров (!). Местные вытащили водителя-убийцу и начали бить, когда поняли, что водитель сам с огнестрельной раной в груди и просто потерял контроль над машиной, после того как его подстрелили. Погибший - чернокожий, подозреваю, что водила тоже, уж очень район на гетто похож. Но все равно, погибшего жалко - он же не гангстер, просто обыватель.
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