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И куда их девать?

Chris Corliss has lived in Kips Bay for a decade. He says he does not feel endangered, but rather sympathetic to the loiterers’ plight. With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving a harsh toll on many New Yorkers, he believes this could be a coping mechanism to deal with the world as it is.
“It feels like people who are having a rough time and trying to get back on their feet. One thing that definitely happened during the pandemic is that you went from that population being 2% of people you saw in the street to them being 20% of people you saw in the street, but also there are less people on the street in general,” Corliss said.
It is not merely storefront workers and pedestrians who have had issues with the belligerent drug abuse, motorists passing through the area likewise encounter disputes. Often spotted using crutches or a walker, some feel this shows yet another telltale sign of hospital patients.
amNewYork Metro observed a man on the corner of 29th Street and Third Avenue, blocking traffic with his body, even going so far as to lay back on vehicles until he received a cash toll. This behavior can go on for hours until the panhandlers grow weary and slink to the ground.

In an attempt to gauge the value of care those individuals are receiving, amNewYork Metro made several attempts to speak with the directly impacted. From incoherent bellowing to non-verbal responses, most had very little to say regarding their treatment, save for one man who simply could not recall his time in Bellevue Hospital.
“I don’t remember, I was asleep the whole time — I just got out,” he said.
Bellevue Hospital, the NYC Health + Hospitals facility at the corner of East 28th Street and 1st Avenue, is known to have a large drug treatment center and an outpatient psychiatry clinic.
A spokesperson for NYC Health + Hospitals indicated that Bellevue Hospital only discharges its patients when staff believes are ready to leave their care, and that it connects patients in need with various social services to ensure they can recover and rebuild their lives following their hospital stay.
“As members of the Kips Bay community, we take this seriously. NYC Health + Hospitals provides medical and mental health treatment to New Yorkers with substance use disorders. Our hospitals, including NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, provide compassionate care, and patients are only discharged when our providers believe they are stable and ready. We also connect patients to social work and case management to help link them to other services they may need following discharge. We ask that neighbors support those in need, and reject stereotypes and stigma around substance use disorder,” a spokesman said in a statement.
However, according to those who work, live, and travel through Kips Bay, the lack of transitional aid following a mentally ill or substance addicted patient is apparent — and, in many cases, disturbing.


Статья о том, что там где я работаю, количество бомжей и ненормальных уже зашкаливает. Рядом находится муниципальный госпиталь Белвью, где расположена опять же муниципальная психиатрическая клиника. Пациентов, которых считают "готовыми к жизни" просто выпихивают на улицу и привет Васе. Местные говорят, что их количество увеличилось с 2% от прохожих до 20%. Каждый пятый в округе или бомж, или наркоман под кайфом или просто псих. Часто все вместе. Они не соображают что происходит, часто в ответ на распросы просто мычат или несут околесицу. Один такой просто сказал, что вообще не помнит как был в госпитале, очнулся уже на улице. А один перец так вообще кидается под колеса машин, не дает им ехать пока ему не заплатят мзду. Многие ненормальные с госпитальными браслетами, то есть они не так давно были выпихнуты на улицу и госпиталь ответственности не несёт. Предлагают не относится к этим людям со стереотипами, а проявить, "панимаешь", понимание к проблемам наркомании. Действительно, а что с ними делать? Это же не война в Афганистане с триллионными контрактами, тут денег не особо попилишь.
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