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Дома дорожают, но народ выселяют?

MIAMI IS hot—especially if you are selling a home. House prices are 20% higher than a year ago. And unlike other big American cities, rents are up too (by 24% year-on-year), as the Magic City soaks up newly untethered teleworkers. Ecstatic estate agents describe a bonanza. Buyers are waiving inspections and appraisals entirely, buying units sight unseen, and aggressively bidding up prices. One agent tells of a client bidding $50,000 above the appraised value of a home—and still getting rejected. Another admits sheepishly to recently buying a house of her own without an inspection. All the usual gaudy accoutrements of the city are here: the ostentatious sports cars, the well-trafficked designer stores, the planes circling Miami Beach advertising a prominent rapper playing at a nightclub.
Yet amid this exuberance, almost 8% of mortgage-holders in Miami are delinquent, among the highest share in the nation. Meanwhile, people renting housing face the end of a federal moratorium on evictions at the end of the month. A moratorium on mortgage foreclosures ends at the same time, raising fears of a spike in houses lost amid a house-price boom.
Surveys conducted by the Census Bureau do indeed show worrying signs. One in four renters and one in ten mortgage-holders have little to no confidence in their ability to pay for housing in the next month (see chart 1). Some 2.8m households, containing 7.4m Americans, are behind with the rent. The same surveys show that 1.9m households, in which 6m Americans live, are behind on their mortgages. Black and Hispanic households, those that are poor, and those with children are at greatest risk of losing housing.
No nationwide freezing of evictions and foreclosures has ever been attempted before. Unwinding the policy is therefore unprecedented. The degree of upheaval may ultimately depend on state and local decisions, which are tremendously varied.

С одной стороны рынок недвижимости растет как на дрожжах, но одновременно вот-вот закончится мораторий на выселение неплательщиков, как арендаторов, так и ипотечников. Что будет - никто толком не знают, но надеются на лучшее из за вливания денег на компенсации со стороны государства, а так же за счет резко ожившего рынка труда.
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