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Температурные рекорды

The mercury kept climbing Monday in heat-baked Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, again setting record highs.
Canada and US cities in the Northwest are all reporting their hottest temperatures on record in a wave that has more heat in store.
Seattle had topped its all-time record high Sunday when thermometers climbed to 104 degrees -- so hot that even the normally freezing temperatures above 10,000 feet on Mt. Rainier reached 73 degrees.
That record fell on Monday, when the city endured 106 degrees, with the possibility of a higher number by the end of the day.
Portland was at 113 on Monday afternoon, one ahead of Sunday's mark.
It was the third day in a row when the heat was above 107 degrees.
Temperatures are expected to remain scorching in the area until Tuesday. That is when highs are supposed to dip to 93 degrees -- still far above the usual 75 at this time of year.
Lytton, British Columbia, now holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada after topping out at 116 degrees Sunday. It was hotter there than in Abu Dhabi.
В Канаде +45.....
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