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For the past 20 years UK Post Office employees have been dealing with a piece of software called Horizon, which had a fatal flaw: bugs that made it look like employees stole tens of thousands of British pounds. This led to some local postmasters being convicted of crimes, even being sent to prison, because the Post Office doggedly insisted the software could be trusted. After fighting for decades, 39 people are finally having their convictions overturned, after what is reportedly the largest miscarriage of justice that the UK has ever seen.

The impact on these employees has been vast: according to the BBC, some have lost marriages or time with their children. Talking to the BBC, Janet Skinner said that she was taken away from her two kids for nine months when she was imprisoned, after the software showed a £59,000 shortfall. She also says she lost a job offer because of her criminal conviction. The time she and others like her spent in jail can’t be bought back, and it happened because software was taken at its word.

Из за дефектной программы несколько почтовых работников в Британии были брошены в тюрьмы, поскольку глючная программа показывала, что потеряны непонятно куда деньги. И в течении 20 лет правительство Британии (в форме почты) отказывалось признать вину за собой. 736 работников подверглись репрессиям, некоторые оказались в тюрьме, некоторые совершили суицид. Программа написана японцами, если что.
Правительство теперь компенсирует пострадавших, но ни одна бронзовая задница в правительстве (аристократы что ли?) не наказана. Пока что.
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