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Кто-то в Нью Йорском метро убивает бездомных

The first killing was just after 11 p.m. Friday on a subway train in Queens: The police found a man, apparently homeless, dead from stab wounds to the neck and torso, slumped on a seat.
The second was two hours later and 25 miles away, but on the same New York City subway line: a 44-year-old woman, also apparently homeless, stabbed throughout her body underneath a seat on a train at a station in Upper Manhattan.
There was nearly a third killing at a third subway station, when a 43-year-old homeless man sleeping on an exit stairwell was awakened by a sharp pain in his back. He, too, had been stabbed. He ran to a bank, collapsed and was in stable condition at a hospital, the police said.
All three attacks, the police say, were likely committed by the same person. And they may be linked to an earlier nonfatal attack on Friday morning, in which an assailant yelled, “I’m going to kill you,” then stabbed a 67-year-old homeless man in the knee and buttocks as he pushed his walker on a train platform.
Количество людей с уничтоженной психикой растет. Бомжи - самая привлекательная цель: изгои общества, которые вызывают в основном негативные эмоции. Но бомжами дело ведь не закончится. Надеюсь "чистильщика" поймают и чем скорее, тем лучше.

Но это верхушка айсберга:
The four attacks — all within 24 hours on the A line — amounted to an alarming surge in the recent spate of violence in the subways, and underscored the vulnerability of the hundreds of homeless people who shelter in the transit system.

Это не изолированный инцидент. Уровень насилия в метро растет, напоминая страшные 70-е, когда СССР, кстати, мог бы выиграть холодную войну, если бы не старцы в кремле, которых устраивал статус кво.

И вот это. Это станция метро (181 улица), где я жил до 2005 года и где живет моя однокурсница с мужем:
On Saturday, investigators were canvassing the locations of the new attacks: the 181st Street station in Upper Manhattan, where the two nonfatal stabbings occurred; Rockaway-Mott Avenue station in Queens, where the man was found dead; and Inwood-207 St. station in Upper Manhattan, where the woman was killed.

И вот это тоже
So far in February, at least five people were slashed on trains or in stations, a 26-year-old man was shoved to the tracks in the financial district by an apparently mentally ill man, and a woman was shoved off a subway platform in the Bronx by a woman in what appeared to be another unprovoked assault.

Непровоцированные атаки вовсе не на бездомных, которые совершили люди, которых никто не лечит, поскольку система частная и кто за это заплатит? Плюс свободнобабуининье важнее безопасности. Если это только не безопасность ОЧЕНЬ важных персон.
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