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Это просто невероятно

Есть такая американская компания ГеймСтоп - цепь магазинов, торгующая видеоиграми. В принципе, во время пандемии больше нечем заняться, как играть в игры и у продавцов видеоигр должны расти доходы и, как следствие, цена акций. Однако, есть нюанс: сейчас игры загружаются через интернет и покупаются на Амазоне, нет никаких причин ходить по магазинам и, как следствие, ГеймСтоп обречен на разорение. Однако, обречён ли? Уже который день акции ГеймСтопа растут и тому причина - игра мелких трейдеров на повышение. Некторые из них уже сделали буквально состояния на росте акций. Но, опять, есть нюанс: крупные хедж-фонды поставили огромные деньги на то, что акции ГеймСтопа рухнут и вот ОНИ оказались в коллосальном пролете.

Вот тут почитать поподронее:
Who's the monster and who's the hero, in this case, depends entirely on your perspective.
On one side you have a band of mostly young day traders who coordinate on Reddit to drive up the share price of struggling companies, including GameStop (GME), but also BlackBerry (BB), Macy's (M) and AMC (AMC). At least one Reddit user posted that he'd paid off thousands of dollars in student loans with his GameStop gains
On the other you have hedge funds and short-sellers — those who've placed bets that a company's stock will crash. These are Wall Street elite, the sort of investors millions of people rely on to make the smart decisions that boost their portfolios. But they're detested by many Millennials and Gen Zers for creating a house-of-cards financial system that led to the 2008 crisis.
We're now, potentially, at the climax of this movie: GameStop is up more than 1,700% since the start of January. Some trading platforms, including TD Ameritrade and Robinhood, are restricting trades on AMC and GameStop. The SEC and the White House on Wednesday both said they were monitoring the situation.
GameStop's stock rose a little less than 13% that day. But this wasn't a normal, momentary stock surge. Two days later, it rose 57%. Then 27%. The next week, it surged 10% twice and 51% another day. This week, it rose another 18% then 93% and more than doubled today.
The reason is two-fold, both of which are far removed from anything related to the company's fundamental strength: Investors following the Reddit group bought a ton of GameStop options, and short-sellers had to buy shares to cover their losing bids.
On Wednesday, while all three major stock indexes tumbled, GameStop finished up a mind-boggling 134%.
For perspective: One year ago, a single share cost about $4. It's now $200.
The way people trade stocks has been upended by the rise of no-fee apps like Robinhood. That technology has democratized investing, giving armchair investors far removed from traditional banks free access to sophisticated trading instruments, like options.
You could pay an analyst to tell you what stocks to buy, or you could create a Reddit account and follow forums like WallStreetBets. Millions of young people are opting for the latter, which is partly why the sudden surges in GameStop and AMC have caught Wall Street veterans by surprise.

И самое веселое вот это:

Владельцы хеджфондов - самые воробуржуистые воробуржуи, каких можно представить, ростовщики одним словом - просят государство их СПАСТИ. Как помощь пострадавшим от пандемии - это же творит дефицит! Не вписались в рыночек! А как проблемы у себя любимых - атлант вывихнул плечеко, дайте помощи и социализЬма!
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