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Отмазывают БЛМ

Обвиняя трампистов в восстании, конечно возник вопрос о схожести осады Капитолия и летними погромами БЛМ. И тут же возникли "эксперДы", которые заявляют "Это другое! Понимать надо!" Вот жаль нет такого мема на англйиском. Вот очень нужно!
Не отрицая самих погромов и насилия со стороны БЛМ, упор делается на то, что трамписты - это белые расисты, которые бунтуют по чем зря, поскольку доказано (кем, мать вашу???), что никаких нарушений на выборах не было, а вот у БЛМ - легитимный повод громить и жечь. А так же тот факт, что силовые структыры, особенно полиция, на стороне трампистов, а БЛМщиков по чем зря прессуют. При этом молчок, что массовых арестов среди БЛМщиков и тем паче их главарей не было и нет. В отличие от.

Вот это отмывание черного кобеля, фигурально выражаясь:
After weeks of hearing false claims that the presidential election was rigged, Trump supporters flocked to Washington to fight against the ceremonial counting of the electoral votes that would confirm President-elect Joe Biden's win.
Hours before the insurrection, Trump addressed a crowd of supporters gathered on the Ellipse near the White House, fanning false allegations of voter fraud and telling them to "fight like hell."
"I absolutely stand 100% behind what happened here today," Todd Possett, who was part of last week's mob, told CNN's Donie Sullivan. "It's terrible how this election was stolen. I had to come here and do my patriotic duty."
Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, said Wednesday the mob was motivated by racial resentment and "a conspiracy theory rooted in the effort to invalidate Black folks."
"The mob was met with empathy and deference from some in law enforcement and some in a military establishment that harbors White supremacists, let's say it, amongst its own ranks," Morial testified at Congressional Black Caucus hearing in response to the riots.
After the election, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey, were among the cities the Trump campaign had falsely accused of voter fraud and corruption. These cities are either majority Black or have large Black populations.
During a press conference in November, Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said, "You knew if you lived in Philadelphia. Unless you're stunod -- that's an Italian expression for stupid -- unless you're stupid, you knew that a lot of people were coming over from Camden to vote," he said. "They do every year. Happens all the time in Philly. ... And it's allowed to happen because it's a Democrat (sic), corrupt city, and has been for years. Many, many years. And they carried it out in places where they could get away from it."
Rioters believed a narrative deeply rooted in racist stereotypes that has been consistent throughout Trump's administration and used by other politicians in the past 50 years, according to Haney López, who is a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
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