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Что скажете?

Доктор врет? Такого не может быть? Сам виноват, что не купил медстраховку?
Если коротко, доктор рассказывает про своего 29-летнего пациента, который попал к нему в диабетической коме, поскольку у того минимальная зарплата и нет медстраховки, а значит не может позволить себе 500 долларов в месяц на инсулин. Почему у пациента нет Медикейда непонятно, может нелегал? Стоит отметить, что Трамп подписал указ, согласно которому инсулин можно покупать теперь за 35 долларов, но как говорят сами диабетики, это стоимость синтетического инсулина, а его, оказывается, не переносит довольно значительная часть людей. Животный инсулин как был дорогим, так и остался. Плюс это:
about an executive order signed by the president. What she may not realize is that the executive order covers only Medicare recipients (on certain Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage prescription drug insurance plans), and not younger people.
The other point she fails to realize is that this rule will not go into effect until January 2021.

Но вообще почитал форум - ужаснулся. Там вот такие вещи пишут (сами решайте врут или нет):
My ex died of ketoacidosis because he was having to ration his insulin. My son and I found him dead one Sunday afternoon when we stopped by to visit. The neighbors had last seen him on Thursday evening. My 16 yr old son lost his dad due to greedy corporate CEO's.

This is so infuriating, my husband developed diabetes and wound up hospitalized with ketoacidosis. At that time, 1994, we were paying about $12 for a vial of insulin. By the time of his death in 2016 there was no way we could have afforded his insulin, or any of his medications without insurance. It’s criminal.

I lost TWO sisters in the last six months. A huge contributing factor in both deaths was access to decent health care. Both died alone because covid restrictions at the hospitals. Neither had covid. The first had her symptoms ignored by her doctors until they diagnosed cancer 36 hours before she died. The second couldn't afford to get a cut treated and ended up with sepsis.
For profit health care is EVIL!!!!!!!

I can't believe that you have to pay for insulin in the US at all! I'm in Ireland, my ten year old is tyoe 1. Insulin is free. So too is most of the stuff he needs like test strips, eppi pens, monitors, dexcom G6, sensors, transmitters etc. I do pay for alcohol wipes for when he's finger pricking. How the hell can my country provide it free and the US does not...

My daughter has gotten them in the ER she works at. People who try to ration their medication. This also includes heart medicine, high blood pressure meds, cancer and any other drug that pharmaceuticals have jacked up in price in the name of pure greed.

И так далее, и так далее
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