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Я тут написал, что считаю социализмом

И что не считаю. На английском, а то американцы имеют очень причудливые соображения что есть социализм. Не с теоретической точки зрения, в чьих руках собственность итд, а с сугубо практической.

What I consider socialism.
State covered healthcare. State covered education. Subsidized childcare. Subsidized housing. Guaranteed maternity leave, guaranteed vacation and sick days. Maximum 40 hours work-week with voluntary only work over that limit with extra hourly pay. No child labor. No usury in form of pay-day loans. Right to have trade unions. Progressive taxation scale. Natural monopolies in hands of the sate. Essential big businesses under government supervision. No private armies or prisons. Preferential treatment of OWN workers over workers from other parts of the world, unless there are mutually beneficial treaties. Right to have a job. Re-training with government support for a new job if there are no jobs that fits.
What I do NOT consider as socialism.
Welfare system. Preferential treatment of any national, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation or racial groups over any other group: all people are born equal. I admit, that those things could be beneficial under some circumstances, but they are just not socialism.

Перевод, думаю, не нужен, русскоязычные и так понимают что есть что.
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