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"One of the most remarkable discoveries that I made in the research for this book is that the CIA mind control project, MKUltra, was essentially a continuation of work that began in Japanese and Nazi concentration camps. Not only was it roughly based on those experiments, but the CIA actually hired the vivisectionists and the torturers who had worked in Japan and in Nazi concentration camps to come and explain what they had found out so that we could build on their research.
For example, Nazi doctors had conducted extensive experiments with mescaline at the Dachau concentration camp, and the CIA was very interested in figuring out whether mescaline could be the key to mind control. That was one of their big avenues of investigation. So they hired the Nazi doctors who had been involved in that project to advise them. Another thing the Nazis provided was information about poison gases like sarin, which is still being used.
Nazi doctors came to America to Fort Dietrich in Maryland, which was the center of this project, to lecture to CIA officers to tell them how long it took for people to die from sarin and was there a difference in how long it took to die if you were a small child or an infant, whether you were an elderly person or whether you were a healthy middle-aged person. The only way to know this would be to have killed all those people. The CIA was eager to get this kind of information.
And actually, one of the things that is the most bizarre about the fact that we relied on Nazi doctors is that Sidney Gottlieb himself was Jewish, and his parents had emigrated from Central Europe in the early 20th century. If they had not emigrated, Sidney Gottlieb might well himself have been brought up in Central Europe, forced into a ghetto, brought to a concentration camp and become the subject of one of these grotesque Nazi medical experiments. Nonetheless, he didn't seem to have any problem working as a CIA officer with the doctors who conducted those experiments."

Я, конечно, знал, что ЦРУ использовало нацистских военных преступников, но детали поражают. Они использовали в виде консультантов не просто абы кого, а вивисекторов из концлагерей и полевых лабораторий нацистов и япошек соответсвенно. При этом глава программы был евреем и у него не было проблем, чтобы работать с теми, кто его соплеменников отправлял под нож вивисектора и в газовые камеры. Более того, сами эксперименты были бесчеловечной вивисекцией над теми, кто нуждался в деньгах и кому не объясняли что с ними будут делать. А потом находятся люди что-то мычат про кровавого СталЕна. Все это происходило уже когда в СССР была оттепель, а Сталин давно уже был на том свете
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