kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Политические убийства - это дело рук англичан

Странным образом умирают репортёры, ведущие расследование о знаменитостях- педофилах на высоких постах:

Liz MacKean is the second high profile BBC journalist to die in suspicious circumstances after attempting to expose the truth about the BBC pedophile ring.
Another reporter Jill Dando, former Crimewatch host, also tried to alert her bosses to the pedophile ring at the BBC, warning that “big name” stars were implicated.
Decades ago, Dando alleged the BBC might be involved in a pedophilia ring. Then Dando was found dead on her front doorstep in 1999. Dando was assassinated under orders of someone called Mr.BIG, but the police failed to even follow the suspects to find out who murdered her.

Умерла якобы от инсульта. Вот где стоит поискать яды.
Tags: Британия, лицемеры, политика, преступность

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