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`White Supremacist Organizations Are Filling the Vacuum Created by the Liberal Establishment // If white working-class people had good organizations that truly championed their interests--interests that they share with working-class people of all races--then white supremacist organizations with their crackpot science would not appeal to them. But the liberal establishment wing of the ruling class (along with its conservative wing) has done its best to make sure that there are no such good organizations welcoming white working-class people. // The Republican Party welcomes them, but only on the basis of "social issues" such as abortion and same-sex marriage and "being tougher on crime" (which means incarcerating in prison more blacks and Hispanics who are demonized as criminal races by the racist War on Drugs that is supported and implemented by the Liberal Establishment.) The Republican Party never ever dreams of championing the economic interests of working-class people against the contrary interests of capitalists, nor of championing the values of working-class people--equality and mutual aid (a.k.a. solidarity)--against the contrary capitalist values of inequality and dog-eat-dog competition.`
John Spritzler · What Caused QAnon & Trump to Gain Traction? The cause was our billionaire ruling class that has utter contempt for the welfare and values of ordinary people and that uses liberal politicians to implement its dictatorship of the rich while using conservative politicians to work jointly with the liberal ones to implement the divide-and-rule that keeps the ruling class in power. Many decades of this have generated a lot of understandable hatred for the liberal establishment. // The more that people hate the liberal establishment, the more likely they are to embrace anyone who expresses that hate, even those who are otherwise repugnant and crazy. This explains much of the support for QAnon and Trump, support, for example, from the many people who voted for Obama in 2008 but then switched to Trump when they saw that Obama treated them as bad as all the others. Sure, some of the support for Trump is just racism, but if Trump with his racism did not pretend to hate the liberal establishment I doubt he'd be sitting in the Oval Office.

Американские либералы - вовсе не левые. Они своей социальной политикой антагонизируют белый рабочий класс. И вовсе не продвигают идеи социального равенства, справедливого распределения заработанного этим самым рабочим классом достояния. Разделяй и властвуй. Я всегда говорил и говорю, что в Америке нет двух партий в политике и даже коалиций в политике. Есть одна партия, которая как многоликий бессмертный Брежнев яростно борется сама с собой за право отсосать у Биби, как говорил Пелевин. Республиканцы играют на эмоциях рабочего класса по поводу сохранения образа жизн, при этом полностью игнорируя его экономические интересы, а либералы канализируют получившееся недовольство в восстания черных гомопидарасов. И все получают гешефт, а чуть что - устраивают гевалт.
Да, Шан Това, причастных.
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