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Берегите христианских фундаменталистов, иначе в Америке никто рожать не будет

In case you thought America wasn’t experiencing enough turmoil of late, the United States has been named the second-worst wealthy nation in which to raise a family in 2020, according to new research by travel site Asher & Lyric.
“The first time I looked at the data, I was in disbelief,” co-founder Lyric Benson-Fergusson said of the findings in the “Raising a Family Index” (RAFI).
The Los Angeles-based mother of two started the site with her Aussie husband, Asher Fergusson, to help people “stay safe, healthy, and happy at home and while traveling,” per the website’s description.
To determine the most and least family-friendly countries, the couple rated 35 OECD countries (part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development forum) according to safety, happiness, cost, health, education and time.
The US clocked in at an abysmal 34th place, just ahead of last-place finisher Mexico, whose murder rate jumped to the highest in nearly two years as drug cartels have run amok during the coronavirus lockdown. Leading the pack of overall fam-safe nations were Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Case in point: The red-white-and-blue came in dead last in terms of time — which the RAFI gauged by maternity leave, vacation days and other factors — and cost, as measured by out-of-pocket health spending, cost of living, income ratio and more.
The study noted that the US is the only country that doesn’t require employers to offer maternity leave. Even worse, the average household blows 31.79% of their income on child care compared to the 4 to 10% spent by Scandinavian nations.

В сравнении с 35 странами Организации Экономической Кооперации и Сотрудничества, США заняло 34 место из 35. Ни тебе детских пособий, ни тебе декретного отпуска, никакого субсидированного детсада, высокий уровень преступности, расстрелы в школах. Если на содержание ребенка тратится в США треть дохода семьи, то в Скандинавии от 4 до 10% дохода. Есть правда одна страна хуже США - это Мексика. Прекрасное соседство! Население растет только за счет Джисус-Фриков, которые заводят детей столько сколько получится. Иначе бы население сколлапсировало бы давным давно
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