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Работают ли маски? Опыт - критерий истины

As worldwide coronavirus cases tops ten million and the death toll in the U.S. surpasses 128,000, health officials in states that have reopened are seeing surges traced to public gatherings in bars, restaurants, strip clubs, churches, and beaches but not from the nation-wide protests occurring calling for an end to systemic racism and police brutality.
“We did have a rally in Bellingham, which is our county seat, and there was also a protest, and we have not been able to connect a single case to that rally or to the protest, and what we’re finding is in large part that’s due to the use of masks,” Erika Lautenbach, director of the Whatcom County Health Department in Washington State, told NPR’s All Things Considered. “Almost everyone at the rally was wearing a mask, and it’s really a testament to how effective masks are in preventing the spread of this disease.”

На демонстрациях все носили маски - нет кластеров заражения. Рядом были парти с танцами и бары, где никто не носил маски - целые кластеры заражений. Это ВСЁ что вы хотели знать про маски и заражения. Вот такое вот брутальное полевое доказательство

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