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Никогда так не было и вот опять

The family of a black New York man fatally shot during an encounter with a white New Jersey state trooper is demanding answers after receiving little information about his death.
Maurice S. Gordon, 28, was shot and killed May 23 on the Garden State Parkway in Bass River, where he was pulled over by a New Jersey State Police trooper, the New Jersey Attorney’s General Office announced late last month.
Gordon, who was black, was unarmed when he was shot by a white trooper several times during the incident. The trooper handcuffed the Poughkeepsie resident after shooting him, Wagstaff said.
Gordon, a chemistry student at New York’s Dutchess Community College, worked as an Uber driver and it’s unclear if he was working at the time, but he could have been picking up a fare, Wagstaff told the newspaper.
In a portion of video provided by the attorney general’s office, Wagstaff said Gordon was frisked before being put in a police cruiser, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Some 30 minutes later, after not being told why he was being held, Gordon tried to get out of the police vehicle — and the trooper responded roughly just before multiple gunshots and Gordon’s screams are heard, Wagstaff said.
The video then shows a trooper picking up Gordon’s body before dropping it and handcuffing him, the attorney said.

Это вам не Флойд. Парня арестовали, запихнули в патрульную машину и держали там полчаса не объясняя ничего. Когда ему надоело и он начал качать права, выбрался из машины, его пристрелили, заковали в наручники (!) и сдали медикам. Парниша учился в колледже на химика и подрабатывал на Убере. Может от амфетамины варил, конечно (химики часто такое делают), но тогда почему его сразу не отвезли в кутузку???
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