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Another 5.2 million workers filed for their first week of unemployment benefits last week, according to the US Department of Labor, bringing the total number of Americans who have filed initial jobless claims to around 22 million, or roughly 13.5% of the labor force, since March 14.
Overall, the last four weeks have marked the largest and most dramatic rise in claims on record since the Labor Department started tracking the data in 1967. It is straining state unemployment agencies' ability to handle the crush of filers and threatening to drain some states' unemployment trust funds in coming weeks.
Other jobs crises have played out far more slowly. In the Great Recession, for example, employment declined by 8.6 million workers between its peak in November 2007 and trough in December 2009.

Только НОВЫХ безработных за месяц - 13.5% всех работающих. А было 4%, значит всего на данный момент 17.5%. При этом многие просто не могут получить пособие и пока не зарегестрированы потому что система перегружена. В реальности безработных около 20% как минимум. На Трампа давят, чтобы открывал экономику и он почти сдался. В некоторых штатах люди бунтуют, в основном сторонники Трампа и "свободной руки рынка". Идиоты абсолютно ничего не поняли. Шутят, что они скорее всего заражены вирусом, очевидно не считая что им придется от него умирать.

Protesters gathered in several state capitals this week to voice their opposition to stay-at-home orders issued to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina and Utah -- states led by both Republican and Democratic governors -- have all seen protests in recent days as people grow more concerned about the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic
Protesters in Whitmer's state crowded the streets of the capital on Wednesday by staying in their cars. The action, dubbed "Operation Gridlock" by its organizers, choked Lansing with traffic for miles.
"I realize how important this virus is, but now we're getting to the point where we're shutting too much stuff down," protester Tom Hughey, who said he has a small business and works for Ford Motor Company, told CNN affiliate WILX.
Whitmer has extended the state's stay-home order through April 30. It includes restrictions like prohibiting most people from traveling between residences unless they're taking care of a relative or dropping off a child.
But not everyone stayed in their cars, per WILX -- some stood on the grounds of the state Capitol.
"I think every single person here is probably going to get coronavirus, we're all within six feet of each other," Nick Somber told WILX.

А этих новым безработным тем временем стоит подусмать о том, что у них, возможно, не будет страховки и с лечением будут серьезные проблемы. До 35 миллионов американцев могут потерять страховку. Часть из них смогут получить Медикейд, но до 5 миллионов - нет.
Up to 35 million Americans could lose their health insurance in the coming weeks as businesses lay off workers due to the economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study.
The astonishing projection from Health Management Associates underscores the pandemic's ripple effects from the economy into healthcare. The group said that the number of uninsured Americans could spike to 40 million people, a level unseen since before the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010.
The study also estimated 23 million Americans could enroll in Medicaid, ensuring many would still receive insurance through other means. But 5 million Americans might still wind up uninsured.

Между тем, Трамп угрожает отправить Конгресс в принудительном порядке на каникулы (есть такое положение в Конституции, это не бред) поскольку Сенат не утверждает никак его консервативных федеральных судей, а штаты побережий собираются игнорировать федеральные указания, когда открывать свои экономики и ведут независимую политику по закупке необходимого для борьбы с эпидемией. Этакая фронда "парада суверенитетов". Я тут на стороне Трампа - никакого сепаратизма, ну нафиг.

Setting up a potential constitutional showdown between himself and the nation’s governors, President Donald Trump is claiming “total” authority over states in ordering a reopening of the country once the coronavirus pandemic shows signs of receding, even as many governors forge ahead with plans of their own.
“When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total. That's the way it's got to be,” Trump claimed Monday during the White House briefing, saying there are “numerous provisions” that grant him the authority to order a state to reopen its economy.
On a practical level, states are already forging ahead charting their own plans for eventual reopening, weighing how best to unwind the closing orders that they orchestrated and implemented on the state and local level, without federal input.
States on the East Coast and the West Coast have formed their own independent regional pacts and are planning to unveil plans to reopen their economies following the stay-at-home orders.
The East Coast group was the first to be announced Monday by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Massachusetts.
Following that announcement, Gov. Gavin Newsom similarly announced the West Coast group -- including his state of California, Oregon and Washington -- was charting its own regional pact

Ну и вот это:

President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to apply a never-used provision of the US Constitution to allow himself to adjourn the US Congress and push through many of his nominees who typically require Senate confirmation. The move came days after he claimed that he has total authority over the states before backing down.
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