kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Как во времена великой депрессии

A Wisconsin dairy farmer said he was forced to dump 56,000 pounds of milk on Friday because no one is buying it.
Mark Mueller owns Mueller Dairy Farm in Greenleaf.
The milk harvested from the nearly 1,000 cows will rot, Mueller told WFRV.
Mueller said he's worried the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing dairy farmers from getting their milk to the market.
He also says the restaurant closures severely hurt his business because there was no place for him to haul his product.

Фермерам некому продавать молоку и они вылили тонны молока. Прямо как уничтожение санкционных продуктов.... А нет, то другое, то тоталитарная рашка, а это - это рынок!
Tags: Америка, экономика

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