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"Это всего лишь сильный грипп"

A New Jersey mother died from coronavirus without knowing that her two children also got infected and died shortly before she did, The New York Times reported.
Grace Fusco, 73, died Wednesday and was unaware of the deaths of her oldest son and daughter from Covid-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.
A relative told the newspaper that four other children also have coronavirus and remain hospitalized -- three in critical condition. CNN has reached out to a family representative but has not heard back.
Grace Fusco's oldest daughter, Rita Fusco-Jackson, 55, of Freehold, New Jersey, died Friday. Shortly afterward, the family learned she had coronavirus. Her son, Carmine Fusco, of Bath, Pennsylvania, died just before his mother Wednesday.
Nearly 20 other relatives are quarantined at their homes and are grieving the loss separately, The Times said.

Как настоящее поветрие В одной семье три мертвеца - бабушка, ее дочь и внук. Только бабушке 73, дочери 55 и внуку, видимо, меньше 30. Еще трое родственников в больнице в критическом состоянии. Это Нью Джерси вчера
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