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О чем я все время говорю

Про эту самую "почти нулевую безработицу"
A new report from the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings shows that 53 million Americans—44% of all workers aged 18-64—have low-wage jobs. This significant portion of the nation’s labor force is earning median hourly wages of $10.22 and median annual earnings of $17,950.
The existence of low-wage work is hardly a surprise, but most people—except, perhaps, low-wage workers themselves—underestimate how prevalent it is. Many also misunderstand who these workers are. They are not only students, people at the beginning of their careers, or people who need extra spending money. A majority are adults in their prime working years, and low-wage work is the primary way they support themselves and their families.

Знаете чему соответствует такая зарплата по покупательной способности? Примерно 30 000 рублям в месяц в России. При этом, у этой категории граждан обычно нет своего жилья. Это жЭсть жестянная. И так живет почти половина американского населения. Как они вообще выживают??
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