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Героев наказать, непричастных наградить

Before anyone can become a firefighter, they first must take an oath: a promise to put the lives of others before their own, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.
So when Capt. Daniel Dwyer of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department stepped into a burning Northwest Atlanta home on June 28, 2019 to rescue the 95-year-old woman trapped inside, it seemed like he was simply doing his job.
That is until he got suspended for 48 hours -- without pay -- for trying to save someone's life. And despite his best efforts, Sallie Skrine, the woman Dwyer was rescuing, died after succumbing to her injuries.
After a nearly seven month internal investigation, it found that Dwyer "entered the structure" without "crew members," according to a notice of "final adverse action" complaint from the Atlanta-Fire Rescue obtained by CNN.
The complaint says that Dwyer will officially be suspended without pay starting Friday. However, since firefighters typically work 24-hour shifts, Dwyer's suspension is effective for February 13 and February 16, according to the complaint.
"While performing your duties, you entered the structure without your crew members which is in immediate conflict with no freelancing, accountability, and maintaining crew integrity," Fire Chief Randall Slaughter wrote in the complaint against Dwyer.
On the same day, Dwyer filed an appeal with the City of Atlanta Department of Human Resources against the chief's decision to suspend him.
When firefighters were first alerted of the blaze that had engulfed Skrine's home on that summer night, they were told that a 95-year-old woman, the homeowner, was trapped inside her home, according to Atlanta Firefighters Union President Paul Gerdis.
Gerdis heads the Atlanta Local 134 chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters, a labor union representing firefighters such as Dwyer and defending their rights to fair wages, benefits and working conditions.
By the time Dwyer's crew arrived to the scene, he was dressed and prepared to initiate a primary search. He was able to locate an unconscious Skrine and remove her from the fire before the rest of his team had finished dressing into their firefighter gear and tools, Gerdis told CNN.
"Time is of the essence. Captain Dwyer did exactly what firefighters are sworn oath to do. We are absolutely against the decision to suspend him," Gerdis said. "Not only does he have to live with the guilt of not being able to save the homeowner, but now he and his family have to deal with the financial repercussions of not getting paid for 48 hours just for trying to save someone's life."

Пожарника из Атланты отстранили от работы и перестали платить зарплату за то, что он пытался спасти 95 летнюю женщину из пожара. При этом он её не только смог вытащить из огня (она, правда, не пережила отравления и стресса), но и не пострадал сам и не подвел своих товарищей. Он прибыл на место пожара раньше других пожарников, успел переодеться и ,пока они там ковырялись, бросился в огонь спасать человека. И за это его наказывают!!! Пиздец, что у них там на югах творится в головах у начальства. Зато мужик - настоящий американский герой. Без кавычек.
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