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David Ostrom, of Paola, Kansas, is in a prolonged custody battle with his ex-wife, who lives with their children in Shelby County, Iowa. You know things aren’t going well, because he recently submitted court filings in Iowa asking the judge to let this matter be resolved with a trial by combat, according to KCTV 5 News.
“Petitioner demands the Court sanction trial by combat to resolve these disputes,” reads the filing. “The Petitioner requests 12 weeks lead time before Trial By Combat date so he may have 1 Katana and 1 Wakizashi sources or forged for use.” He clarified that his ex-wife “may choose a Champion (Her counsel Matthew Husdon) to stand in her stead.”
So not only does Ostrom want trial by combat, he’s actually thought about the weapons involved. And yes, he did get the idea from Game of Thrones. “I’ve seen the television show and read the books,” he said.
It’s true that, technically, trial by combat isn’t specifically outlawed in the U.S., which is an argument that Ostrom makes in his filing. It’s still hard to seeing a judge grant it, though. Matthew Husdon, the attorney on the other side, made much the same argument in his response, writing, “just because the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions do not specifically prohibit battling another person with a deadly Katana Sword, it does prohibit a court sitting in Equity from ordering same.” He’s asked the judge to suspend visitation and order a psychiatric evaluation for Ostrom.

Некий Давид Остром предложил разрешить спор с бывшей женой об опеке над детьми путем поединка на мечах, предоставив ей право выбрать своего чемпиона, чтобы сразиться с Давидом через 12 недель. 12 недель предоставляются для приобретения катаны и вакизаши для данного действа. Что интересно, его не послали сразу куда подальше, а уточнили, что хотя разрешение споров путем поединка не запрещено конституцией США (как и законами штата Айова), но суд не обязан следовать этой процедуре. Адвокат жены потребовал отправить Давида на психиатрическое обследование и запретить общаться с детьми.
Вот ведь крючкотворы! В России судья его бы сразу нафиг послал.
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