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Не, ну а чо такого? Бизнес и ничего личного

A decorated military veteran who served in Vietnam and Iraq has claimed that his prosthetic legs were taken away after the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would not cover the cost.
Jerry Holliman, 69, told the Clarion Ledger that he was in his room at the Veterans Home in Collins, Mississippi just a couple days before Christmas when a man walked in and took away his prosthetic limbs. According to Holliman, the VA said it would not cover the cost of the limbs, while Medicare said there'd be a copay required.
"Medicare did not send me to Vietnam," Holliman, who received Bronze Stars in both wars in which he served, told the Ledger in an article published Thursday. "I was sent there by my country...with the understanding that if something bad happened to me, that it would be covered by the VA."

К ветерана войны во Вьетнаме и Ираке отобрали протезы ног поскольку ветеранская программа не покрыла их стоимость, а пенсионная страховка потребовала ко-пея (частичной оплаты). Просто пришли приставы и забрали протезы.
Я в шоке.
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