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Дедушка старый, ему все равно

A 93-year-old man was caught on camera repeatedly shooting an apartment maintenance manager at point-blank range before being taken into custody in Las Vegas, authorities say.
Las Vegas police raced to reports of shots fired at a local apartment complex on Jan. 2. Surveillance video inside the management office captured how the incident started.
The suspect, a resident of the complex, was allegedly angry about water damage in his apartment. The maintenance manager is seen talking to the man as a woman who is sitting behind the desk secretly speaks to a police dispatcher on the phone.
"The female caller stated that an elderly male, later identified as Robert Thomas, was armed with a firearm inside the management office and was making verbal threats," a Las Vegas police spokesperson said at a press conference.
When the elderly man pulls out his gun, he appears to take his first shot at a wall across the room, hitting a computer screen on the other side. A nearby employee jumps into view before quickly exiting the building.
The woman behind the desk then asks to leave, and Thomas allows her to go.
Shortly after, the suspect allegedly opens fire again, this time hitting the maintenance manager, who was sitting just feet away. Police say he sustained a graze wound and fell to the floor, where he was shot a second time.
Seconds later, bodycam video captures police approaching the office door as shots rang out.
An officer's gunfire shatters the door's glass, and the elderly man puts down his gun before police drag him outside.
Thomas was charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon, police say.

93 летний дед пришел поговорить в ЖКХ оффис, но настроен он был решительно и посему немного пострелял в клерка. Деда арестовали. А если бы и клерк был вооружен - классный бы вестерн получился: пули везде, кровища, горы трупов! А так дажен клерк ранен несерьезно. Посмотрите на ссылку, там видео есть
Tags: оружие, преступность

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