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Кто-то совсем офигел

Two children, ages 12 and 13, were shot after throwing snowballs at passing cars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police said.
The pair was hurling snowballs at passing cars with a group of children on Saturday evening, Milwaukee police said in a series of tweets.
One of the snowballs struck a white Toyota, and the driver of the car shot at the children, police said.
Police found the 12-year-old girl and the 13-year-old boy minutes apart. Both of their injuries were non-life-threatening.
Both children are being treated at a local hospital, police said.

В Милуоки (Висконсин) дети кидали снежки в проезжавшие машины, в ответ один недовольный водитель открыл по ним огонь. Двое детей 12 и 13 лет ранены и в госпитале. Чувак уехал и его не поймали пока.
Tags: Америка, оружие, преступность

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