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Как фальсифицируют историю

But by the time of World War II, a gold mining rush had turned Rovaniemi into a bustling city. It was also a transport hub, connecting Europe to Russia and the Barents Sea.
This was why, when German troops attacked Finland, they destroyed as much of Rovaniemi as possible. Wooden houses, schools and churches were burned to the ground. Only 10% of the city remained standing.

Невинная Финляндия. Германия атаковала городок и сожгла 90% лапландского поселения. Но, на минуточку, а чьим союзником во время войны была Финляндия??? Кто строил Финляндию от Балтики до Урала с этническими чистками в Карелии, с блокадой Ленинграда? А тут - невинные жертвы.
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