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Протестантского Талибана вам в ленту

The "Pennsylvania Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act" — or House Bill 1890 — was first introduced in September. The bill redefines fetal death to mean death at any point in pregnancy after conception. Under it, health providers would have to cremate or bury all fetal remains if they aren't claimed by a parent.
The bill passed through the state House last week and is now being considered by the state Senate. Its sponsor, stated Rep. Francis Ryan (R), told The Associated Press, "We wanted to craft something that was voluntary, that provided the family with the ability for closure, the ability to understand that a human life was lost, their life, that they’d been striving for for so long.”

Макарошки от местных милоновых. В Пенсильвании уже принят (!) нижней палатой ассамблеии штата закон, требующий похорон эмбриона после аборта. Кто спонсор? А вот они - талибанщики-республиканщики.
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