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В социальных сетях Запада работают профессиональные пропагандисты

A Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East and North Africa is also a reservist officer of the British Army's psychological warfare and propaganda unit, a new report has revealed.
Gordon MacMillan, who joined Twitter in 2013 and is listed as the company's Head of Editorial for EMEA, also serves with the 77th Brigade—an outfit formed in 2015 to conduct "information warfare" and develop "non-lethal" ways of conducting war.
The report, published in Britain's Middle East Eye, revealed how MacMillan served with the unit for several years.
Twitter has downplayed MacMillian's links to the army and said it supports its staff in their external volunteer commitments.

К примеру, в Твиттере одним из главных менеджеров работает британский специалист по психологической войне.
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