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Капитализм, ничего личного

The high price of medicine cost him his life.
When Josh Wilkerson turned 26, he aged out of his stepfather’s private health insurance and he was unable to afford his nearly $1,200-a-month insulin.
He began rationing his pricey prescription brand, before a doctor recommended taking ReliOn, an over-the-counter brand sold for $25 a vial at Walmart.
“It didn’t work for his body,” his mom, Erin Wilson-Weaver, tells The Post. Her son died June 14, and she’s still in mourning — but determined to advocate in his memory.

Молодой человек в США скончался из за инсулина низкого качества, поскольку на дорогой у него не было денег. Знаю, в России капитализм убивает точно так же.
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