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Опять русскоязычных поймали на воровстве из бюджета США

A city pharmacist from Queens and three of her pharmacy managers were arrest for their alleged roles in a multi-million dollar Medicaid scheme that involved HIV drugs and kickbacks, the Attorney General announced on Friday.
Irina Pichkhadze, 34, owner of First Choice Pharmacy, was charged alongside Queens residents Raymond Dieffenbacher, 46, and Tarlan Pinkhasov, 40, and Yana Dubrinskaya, 31, of Brooklyn, who work as pharmacy managers for Pichkhadze. First Choice Pharmacy, Express Audit Prevention Corp. (Express Audit) and OTC Distributors, Inc. were also charged with crimes related to defrauding Medicaid out of over $10 million through the scheme allegedly based in First Choice Pharmacy in Harlem.
All four defendants were charged with grand larceny, health care fraud and scheme to defraud. Pichkhadze, Dieffenbacher, and Dubrinskaya, along with Express Audit and OTC, were also charged with various counts of money laundering for allegedly knowingly conducting financial transactions designed to conceal the source of the larceny and health care fraud. Pichkhadze was also charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument.

4 человека - минус 10 миллионов из бюджета. Ну подумаешь, немного денег отщипнули от Медикейда - ну шо, жалко им что ли?
Я вот уверен, копни любого еврейского или хохлятского доктора Бруклина и можно сажать. Они постоянно какой-то шахер-махер крутят. Постоянно! И ругают поганый совок при этом, сам слышал. Красть, видимо, не давали.
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