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Бродячие собаки

A pack of dogs mauled a man to death as he walked through a wooded area in Florida, police said.
Melvin Olds Jr., 45, was attacked Thursday after he took a shortcut to get home near Lake Placid. His body was found the same day with more than 100 dog bites, according to the Highlands County Sheriff's Office.
The county's animal services have set up traps in the area for dogs that may have been involved in the attack. Six dogs have been captured so far and their bite size matches with the wounds on Olds' body, the sheriff's office said.

Бродячие собаки загрызли насмерть чувака во Флориде. Так что, log2stas, бродячие собаки это не чисто русская проблема, это вообще проблема, причем серьезная. В Москве их, кстати, в основном извели и даже в Купавне. А вот в Череповце.... Ну и во Флориде.
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