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A proposed bill in Texas that would impose a $100 fine for male masturbation — aimed at mocking abortion-blocking laws — is making its way through the state's legislature.
The proposed law has been moved to the Texas State Affairs Committee.
State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) introduced the bill — called the "Men's Right to Know Act" — in response to past legislation targeting women who get an abortion.
The law, introduced last month and forwarded to the committee Tuesday, calls for "civil penalty for unregulated masturbatory emissions" that are "outside of a woman's vagina (or) medical facility."

В Техасе в ответ на ужесточение доступа к абортам на полном серьезе внесли билл, согласно которому будут штрафовать за онанизм, причем только мужской. Ну а чё, только баб наказывать что ли? Троллинг 80 уровня
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