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По-моему это верх толерастии.

Voters in Chicago on Tuesday elected former federal prosecutor Lori Lightfoot to become their next mayor, making Chicago the largest city to elect an African-American woman as its top elected official.
With votes in 95% of precincts counted, Lightfoot had 73.7% of the vote and Preckwinkle 26.3%.
The win by Lightfoot, who identifies as a lesbian and will be Chicago’s first woman of color to serve as mayor, also means the Windy City is the biggest U.S. city to pick an openly gay mayor.
Lightfoot, who has never held elective office, easily defeated Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, who was one of Chicago’s most prominent politicians. The contest was lopsided with Lightfoot beating Preckwinkle in each of the city's 50 wards.
In a city weighed down by myriad problems—economic inequality, persistent gun violence in pockets of the city, $28 billion in unfunded pension obligations and endemic political corruption—Lightfoot made the case to voters that she was the outsider that Chicago needs to shake things up.

В Чикаго новый мэр - черная лесбиянка. Никогда прежде никуда не избиралась, опыта управления не имеет, но поди же ты! Причем выиграла 3 к 1. Она федеральный прокурор в городе, где прокуратура безумно коррумпирована. Мля....
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