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Только в Германии!

A town in Germany has made headlines for seizing a family's dog over unpaid taxes - and then selling it on eBay.
German media report that officials in Ahlen initially wanted to seize the wheelchair of a disabled resident as the most valuable item on the premises.
Instead, they settled on a pedigree pug bitch named Edda.
One of the officials then listed the dog on eBay at an apparent bargain price of €750 - half of what its new owner expected to pay.
But the case – first reported in local newspaper Ahlener Tageblatt – was not yet over.
Edda's new owner was Michaela Jordan, a police officer, who told the newspaper she was initially suspicious of the low price.
Upon calling the number listed in the advert, she spoke to an employee of Ahlen's administration, who explained that the dog had been seized because the owner owed the city money - including for unpaid dog tax.
The pug was healthy, she was told, and so Ms Jordan agreed to the sale.
Now, she says that Edda had medical problems that were not disclosed. Since changing owners in December, she has needed four operations due to eye problems, including an emergency operation over Christmas.
Ms Jordan is seeking recompense for the expense - totalling about €1,800. Her demands from the town brought the case to the attention of the Ahlener Tageblatt – which also managed to track down Edda's original owner.

Я, конечно, слышал про немецкий орднунг, но увидеть это в полной славе абсурда - нечто иное.
Власти Ахлена у неплательщицы местных налогов решили изъять имущество. Сперва они посчитали самым дорогим предметом инвалидное кресло (прикиньте в России или Америке у инвалида за неустойку отберут инвалидное кресло!), но потом сошлись, что породистая собака стоит больше и изъяли её. Собаку продали за полцены через интернет (750 евро) для покрытия неустойки, включая налог на собак (кто там жалуется про невероятное сичло налогов, мммм?) и покупателем оказалась ролицейская дама. Теперь она судится с городом, поскольку у собаки оказались медицинские проблемы, о которых городские власти её не предупредили, и она хочет возмещения расходов на 1800 евро!
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