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NYC jail staff underreport number of serious inmate injuries

The Board of Correction recently released a report looking at serious injury reports in New York City jails and found that the population of those under Department of Correction (DOC) custody has dropped 32 percent from 2008 to 2017, but the number of both serious and non-serious reports on injuries to inmates has gone up 101 percent.
In 2017, Health Services staff reported a total of 816 serious inmate injuries, but DOC reported just 158
The DOC doesn’t even have a way to count the actual number of injuries to people in the custody of New York City jails, per the report.
“DOC’s investigation process for injuries is plagued by delays, poor accountability, and incomplete reviews,” the report reads.
On average, it took about two hours for an incarcerated person who was seriously injured to receive medical attention after a DOC supervisor was notified about the injury.

В тюрьмах Нью Йорка городские службы в 2017 году заявили о 158 случаях увечий у заключенных, а ГОСПИТАЛИ, куда их привозили на лечение - 816. Речь о серьезных увечьях.
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