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А вот и очередная пробирка, которой трясут западники пробиркотрясы

The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has apologized to Republican Roy Moore for funding an organisation that faked a "Russian bot" involvement to mar his election campaign in Alabama.
American Engagement Technologies (AET), which Hoffman gave $750,000 to, put $100,000 of the entrepreneur’s money towards New Knowledge, a cybersecurity firm which fabricated some 1,000 Russian language Twitter accounts to follow Moore.
The company used the tactic to link the controversial Republican to so-called Russian influence campaigns and then fed it to the mainstream media. They also created misleading Facebook pages urging Republicans to support a "write-in" candidate instead of supporting Moore. The ploy was revealed by New York Times earlier this month.

Оказалось, что за кандидата республиканцев тролли не русские болты, а американская организация на деньги либерального миллиардера. И вот все у них так. Ложь и пропаганда, которую они выдают за российскую ложь и пропаганду.
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