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И макарошек в ленту от воробуржуев

Sears Adds Further Insult to Its Workers -- Bankruptcy Bonuses for Execs

Amazingly, a bankruptcy judge has approved $25 million for 334 senior executives, while tens of thousands of ordinary employees face layoffs.
Late on Friday, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Drain approved $25 million in year-end bonuses for Sears’ top managers, as the company had requested. Nineteen executives would get about one-third of that money, around $8.4 million, if Sears hits certain financial targets in the next six months, or even if it merely pronounces itself on track to reach those goals. Another $16.9 million would be distributed to 315 senior employees in “retention bonuses,” so they don’t leave to join other retailers.
That comes to less than one-half of one percent of the more than 60,000 current employees at Sears who have seen the company capsize, after a doomed, debt-fueled strategy of financial engineering that transferred wealth-generating productivity from workers into the hands of financiers and investors.

Сирс и Кеймарт сейчас находятся в состоянии банкротства, 60 000 человек будут выкинуты на улицу. Однако, вместо того чтобы спасать компанию, её руководство выписало себе бонусов на 25 миллионов, чтобы "сохранить важных сотрудников". Да-да, тех самых что довели компанию до банкротства. А рабочие, которым платили минималку и выжимали досуха (так и написано в последнем абзаце) поедят макарошек.
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