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Русские параноики? Да вы американцев плохо знаете!

The Russia-linked Internet Research Agency (IRA) may have tried to blackmail potential American recruits by setting up a fake anti-masturbation hotline, according to a new report prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee. The IRA reportedly advertised its hotline on a fake Christian Facebook page, encouraging readers to reach out if they were “struggling with the addiction to masturbation.”
We don’t know whether anyone called the masturbation and LGBT hotlines, what kind of experience they got if they did, whether any calls produced useful information, or whether the IRA ever needed to use blackmail material at all. It’s also not clear who else may have been involved with the hotlines, if the IRA only “helped” create them — or how the researchers determined this. But if this was genuinely part of the IRA’s political influence strategy, it’s a fairly elaborate bit of subterfuge. And since the group exploited any divisive social issue, it’s not totally improbable that they’d eventually set their sights on the nofap agenda.

Русских хакеров обвинили в том, что они для влияния на выборы в Америки организовали подпольный сайт для борьбы с мастурбацией. О как! Причем ЗАЧЕМ это было сделано русскими и где доказательства причастности русских - не говорится и даже открыто признается, что а хрен егор знает. Но на всякий случай: не рефлексируйте, а рапространяйте
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