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И до Ганди добрались

A statue of world-famous Indian independence activist and pacifist Mahatma Gandhi has been removed from the University of Ghana campus after protests from students and faculty over racist remarks he made against Africans.
The Gandhi statue was unveiled in Accra two years ago but was removed in the middle of the night Tuesday by order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.
In his early writings Gandhi frequently referred to black South Africans using the extremely pejorative and offensive slur “kaffir.” During Gandhi’s time in South Africa, Indians were forced to use the same entrances as native Africans, a move which Gandhi worried would impact the “civilised habits” of Indian immigrants, adding that he feared they “would be degraded to the habits of aboriginal natives.”
“About the mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly,” he wrote in a letter in 1904.
He also stated unequivocally that Indians were “infinitely superior” to black people.

Вот вам и Ганди - расист, оказывается!
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