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El Paso, Texas | A man who was arrested by the FBI Yesterday has confessed to kidnapping and sexually assaulting several dozen people while using costumes, drugs, and special effects to have his victims believe they had been abducted by aliens.
73-year old Arnold White was arrested after a joint investigation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the El Paso Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso Police Department.
Originally interrogated about 4 crimes committed in the region in the 1990s, the retired trucker confessed a total of 79 kidnappings across California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas over a period of 40 years.
Mr. White confessed to using a mix of hallucinatory drugs containing LSD and PCP to subdue his victims, before approaching them and carrying them inside his truck to assault them.
In order to confuse his victims even more, he had set up the inside of his truck to look like an operating room and would wear an alien costume.
FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson described the abuse that the accused afflicted to his victim as extremely disturbing.

Арестовали бывшего тракера, который последние 40 лет похищал людей, подсыпая им галюциногены, а затем переодевался гуманоидом и анально зондировал. 79 человек анально прозондировал!!!
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