kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

А потом эти наркоманы увидят глюки русских ракет и начнут мировую войну

14 sailors are facing charges in an alleged LSD ring on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan
A probe of an alleged LSD ring on aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has led to possible disciplinary action for fourteen sailors, officials said.
At least two of the sailors are heading to court-martial, and court-martial charges are being considered for five more.
All of the sailors are from the nuclear reactor department, which prompted a shipboard review of their work, officials said.

14 морякам на авианосце Рональд Рейган предьявлены обвинения в организации преступного сообщества по распространению ЛСД. При этом все они работали на атомном реакторе (!) авианосца.
Tags: Америка, оружие, преступность
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