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Есть и в Америке хитрожопые меркантильные чисто американские бабы

Before I married my wife two years ago, she had huge amounts of debt to her name, including large amounts of student loans. After we married, we diligently almost paid everything off, helped by my salary being three times that of my wife.
She recently asked for a divorce, saying she was taking the house and my retirement. My question is: Does the fact we paid off her debts she held before get spread evenly? Had I not paid all of her debts our net worth would be near the same with a better outcome for me.
We’ve only been married a few years, and frankly I can’t help feeling taken advantage of. The only advice I can find discusses whose responsibility the student loans would be, but now it just seems that she got me to pay all of her debts, and got some new stuff, while I threw away years of my life.
Please tell me there’s hope.

Баба вышла замуж с огромным студентческим долгом, прожила в браке 2 года, муж долг выплатил (он зарабатывал в три раза больше) и тут баба с ним развелась, да еще раскатала губу на дом и пенсию. Впрочем, судя по ответу юриста, тут-то она может губу закатать. Как в Москве, добрачная собственность не относится в Техасе к совместно нажитому имуществу и не делится. Но взыскать с неё оплаченные займы уже никак нельзя. Баба нашла способ погасить свои долги, которые больше никак списать нельзя.
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