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Это прекрасно!

stalkerbezuma навел меня на прекрасное! Жизненные истории американцев, где они спрашивают совета публики и эти истории дают некое представление о жизни в США. Вот пример

My wife and I got married at 63. We are the same age. She was debt free. Her parents bought her everything, forever. She made $30,000 per year after quitting a job as a heart nurse. Her dad gave her $28,000 a year tax free.
She also had approximately $800,000 banked. I made $120,000 and was debt free except for a mortgage with $150,000 remaining. I have $330,000 in a 401(k), plus a pension when I retire.
I paid for everything before we married. Everything! We ate in nice restaurants to the tune of $11,000 during the first year. We married, we discussed our finances and agreed we could split everything.
We were together for 4 years and married for 2.5 years. She moved in and promptly announced that she would live with me for nothing. We eventually started putting an equal amount in a joint account, but this just lasted a year.
I asked her to leave. She did.
I retired with $375,000 in savings and 401(k), $2,600 per month in Social Security benefits, and $1,800 per month in a pension.
We live in North Carolina. How should the money be split?


Извини Сапер, переводить не буду, но суть такова, что вот люди в возрасте (63) встречались, поженились, съехались, и баба вдруг отказалась платить мужику за проживание, тот её выставил и теперь спрашивает о дележе имущества и кто кому чего должен. Он, вероятно, в душе шумер.
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