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American democracy has a problem — a voting problem. According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters. It's a troubling fact that puts our nation's future in peril.
The data come from Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project. The group looked at data from 2011 to 2015 produced by the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, along with data from the federal Election Assistance Commission.
As reported by the National Review's Deroy Murdock, who did some numbers-crunching of his own, "some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America's adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud."
Murdock counted Judicial Watch's state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100% of all eligible voters. That's 3.552 million people, who Murdock calls "ghost voters." And how many people is that? There are 21 states that don't have that many people.
Nor are these tiny, rural counties or places that don't have the wherewithal to police their voter rolls.
California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters. Perhaps not surprisingly — it is deep-Blue State California, after all — 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.

В Америке сравнили данные переписи с зарегестрированными избирателями и насчитали избирателей на 3.5 миллиона больше, чем живых взрослых американцев. Особенно отличилась Калифорния. Учитывая, что у нас выборы очень поляризованы, то "призрачные" голоса такого масштаба могут решить судьбу практически любых выборов. И у меня есть основания верить. На прошлых праймериз "голосовал" умерший отец моей подруги, а вот её в списках не было, хотя она демократ с 30 летним стажем.
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