kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Кстати, вот как американцы относятся у тому, что "родина слушает"

My sources? On Facebook, I never discuss anything except that which is accessible (sometimes a bit worky to find, I admit) open source material. I usually post links.

It is not safe nor wise to discuss information which may fall under EO 12356 (and related following EOs) unless at least one of the parties, usually the party receiving the information, has the proper and current security clearances to do so.

I've stuck my nose into plenty of national security issues over the last 40 years, and one reason I still have that nose is that I played by the rules. If some joker starts to shoot his mouth off about things he shouldn't talk about, I tell him to shut up, and why. When they keep talking, as they usually do, I leave. I don't need the trouble or the testing.

Переводить принципиально не буду. Это для тех, кто в Америке живет, а значит априори говорят по-английски. Это мой приятель пишет, коренной американец, в возрасте.
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